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The Voortrekker / Msunduzi Museum
351 Langalibalele Street

Tel: 033-3946835 Fax: 033-3946797
Mon-Fri: 9:00-16:00  Sat: 9:00- 13:00

Since the 1990’s, the Voortrekker / Msunduzi Museum in Pietermaritzburg has changed from a historically single-theme museum to one that depicts the heritage of the different cultural groups of KwaZulu-Natal.

The museum was started in 1912 as a tribute to the Voortrekkers, mostly Dutch-speaking farmers who left the Cape in 1837-1838 in order to escape British rule. Voortrekker history is still displayed in the Voortrekker Complex, i.e. the historic Church of the Vow, the Andries Pretorius House and the E.G. Jansen Extension.

However, the main building of the Museum (formerly the old Longmarket Street Girls School), now features a variety of cultural history exhibitions. This is supplemented by a Hindu Shiva temple, a traditional Zulu home and a beautiful herb garden.

Displays on the Anglo Boer War can be seen at the Voortrekker House, 333 Boom Street.

Open Mondays- Fridays from 9h00-16h00, and Saturdays and public holidays from 9h00-13h00.