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Curator:  Margriet Harwood-Nash

Address:  Loop and Church street. Utrecht

Telephone & Fax:  034-3313249

The Utrecht Museum is housed in the Old Parsonage, built in 1896 for the Reverent H L Neethling of the Dutch Reformed Church of Utrecht. The exhibition focuses on the border disputes between the colonials and indigenous people during the coloniaI period.  The lifestyle of the settlers are portrayed. Relics of stone-age culture are also on display.

The town served as headquarters of the British Armies during the Anglo Zulu war (1877) and was the first Transvaal Republic town to be annexed during the Anglo Boer war (1399-1902). Prince Louis Napoleon made his temporary home. here till his death in 1879.

The museum is open to the public from Monday till Saturday 09 00 to 15 00 Sundays by prior arrangement. Entrance free.