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Interpretive Wall at the Prince Imperial Monument

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The DUT (Durban University of Technology) cultural tourism research development

Project, " French Presence in KZN: La Route du Prince Impérial, Louis Napoléon"

was conceived in 1993 and initiated in 1994.
 In 1995 a permanent exhibition on The Prince Imperial was set up in the Msunduzi Museum and the Route was launched in 1996.

To enhance the Route, knowledge of the Prince Imperial and deepen the French Presence project the Prince Imperial rose was developed and christened in 1997 and The Prince Imperial Interpretive Wall was built in 2006.

This was funded by the Lycée Professionnel, Julien de Rontaunay, Cité Butor, Ste Clothilde, Reunion Island at the request of the DUT to the French Embassy for assistance.  The Wall was designed and constructed locally.

This DUT project aims to benefit all the communities touched by its progress and development, and, in particular the poor rural Uqweqwe community that lives next to the Prince Imperial monument.