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Phansi Museum

Contact person: Max Mikula

083 450 3270

031 2062889

Fax:0865 462482


Visitor hours:  8am – 4pm Mon-Fri, Weekends by appointment

The Phansi Museum collection is beautifully displayed in Robert’s House, a fully restored Victorian National Monument in Glenwood, Durban.

The collection is one of the biggest and most spectacular collections of Southern African artefacts in the world.

Three floors of the Victorian mansion are filled with Zulu beadwork, ear-plugs, wire baskets, head-rests, milk-pails, beer-pots, meat-platters, snuff-spoons and fertility dolls; Ndebele blankets and ceremonial items: and Tsonga Shangaan, Pedi and Xhosa artefacts.

Some of the most popular exhibits are our thirty life-size marionettes, adorned with the ceremonial dress of various geographical regions of Southern Africa.

The museum coffee shop, Ikhishi, serves light lunches and fabulous coffee. The BAT Shop @ Phansi sells funky contemporary craft work.

The museum hosts regular live music and cultural events, showcasing original and creative artists and performers.