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Mpophomeni Community Eco-museum

Mpophomeni Community Eco-museum is one of the true examples of community based project driven by its own people. Since its inception collaboration with key partners such as KZN Museum Services, SAMA, uMngeni Municipality and others is gaining momentum. The idea for the project surfaced in 2001.

It is community-driven model for surfacing, preserving, and sharing culture, history, and traditions and for increasing understanding within and between cultural and age groups.

The project is about the collection of Mpophomeni history and surrounding areas and display or keep it one place. The research that has been done by the core group is kept at the Montrose House.

Zulu Mpophomeni Tourism Experience exist to support, encourage and enhancing the community traditions (culture and heritage) and craft skills in craft development initiative.

Tel/Fax: 033 2380288



Open:         Mon-Fri 08:00-16:00    

                Sat Public Holiday 08:00-14:00